String Inverter - Zeversolar

String Inverter - A relatively new term and misleading term in the world of alternative energy, it applies primarily to solar photovoltaic (PV)generation equipment. Grid Interactive or grid tied systems often use string inverters, while non-grid tied or non-grid interactive inverters use charge controllers. An inverter is a device which changes electricity from DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Prior to the popularization of systems which interact with the utility grid, most photovoltaic (PV) electicity-generating systems were based on one or more solar panels which produced 12, 24 or 48 volts nominal DC power. In situations where more input power was required, the panels would be connected in parallel, to increase the available current flow while keeping the voltage output constant between each module. In a grid Tie system the panels are wired in series which increases the voltage, but does not increase the current. This is a good idea in order to prevent the use of large conductors, which are required to carry large amounts of current. When panels are wired in series it is a STRING of panels. Hence the term String Inverter. However the you can have a string of panels on systems where the controller changes the voltage to battery voltages and the inverter is not a "String Inverter" or Inverters which are Grid Tied and work off Battery voltage.


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